2 Day 1 Night Harvard Boston USS Constitution and Six Flags Tour

Day 1
  We will leave your school at 5:30am heading toward Boston Cambridge. Along the way we will stop at road side services to have breakfast. A Boston Guide will board our bus at Harvard and will guide us through Harvard, MIT. The Harvard, MIT tour includes how to apply to admission, a tour of each campus, and will drop us off at the USS Constitution Museum. We will also tour the Freedom Trail, which consists of 17 significant historic sites; for at this time of the year there are no student body tours. WE will bask in the wonders of the USS Constitution Tour and everything it's museum has to offer. We will then have lunch at the Quincy Market. Quincy Market offers a variety of cuisine, including American, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, BBQ, Thai, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, pizza, and so much more. Outdoor music, and shows, while dinning in the world's cuisine. The Market is next to the First State Commerce house which is an attraction that you must take in before you leave Boston. After which we will head back to the hotel where the kids can enjoy fun activities such as Bowling, swimming, and the Arcade.

If the children think they enjoyed themselves on the first day, wait until they visit Six Flags in the Second Day. 

Day 2
  We will wake up at 6 am for a continental breakfast and head back to the USS Constitution for the Changing of the Colors Ceremony. From there we head toward Six Flags one hour from Boston Massachusetts. We will spend our day enjoying all the attractions Six Flags has to offer. We depart at 4:00 for a safe trip home, stopping at road side services for dinner, and should arrive back at your school between 8:30 and 9:00 pm.  
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